Friday, March 24, 2006

some more photos from Munich back in February

The Johnny Cash wall in the X-Cess, right next to the turntable. I think he gets played there rather regularly. Joerg was a bit late collecting me from the tube platform because 'they played a Johnny Cash song'. I think there was even an autograph among those...

Ilona and Joerg in the excellent Brotraum Cafe near Muenchner Freiheit. Ilona moved from London to Munich with her boyfriend recently and works there at the moment, it's run by her boyfriend's brother, they bake their own bread, cakes, pizzas, confectionies, etc. on the premises and sell them from there, from what I sampled it's all very high quality, we had a nice lunch there. Plus it's a smokefree place which is extremely rare in Munich in my experience.

Everywhere in central Munich you see at least one of these cutesy lions in all sorts of colours and arty decorations. In my hometown of Ulm it's the sparrow, we've got the sparrows everywhere too. It reminds you where you are, should you wake up in the street and not know. Anyway, Joerg really hates them so when I tried to make him sit on this one to take a photo, he decided to give it a good kick instead...hahaha

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