Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sumerian Kyngs w/ Plus at the Gladstone, Lewes Rd, Brighton, Sat 28.04. FREE

woop woop. We're playing another show in Brighton on Sat 28.04 at the Gladstone on the Lewes Road (I don't think I've ever been there but it looks good!) and it's FREE. We're playing with the groovy Sumerian Kyngs again & should be on stage around 9pm.

So here's some stuff from the last time at the Latest Music Bar in February.

We played: Daylight / Indiscipline / Information Relief / Disconnected from my bed / Cracks of Language / Bijou 80s Breakdown / End of the Massacre / Rotating Futures / Double Shine Dustbowl Future & (spontaneous encore!) Antique Doll.  Can you spot the new ones?

some photos... before the doors opened:


getting ready backstage (who are these guys?):

I took a videos with the camera, it was basically sitting on the music stand, next to the lyrics, so it's a rather extreme closeup, often you can't see much so I mashed them up with some other videos, the first one from this hill near my parent's house which we christened Hexenhuegel sometimes in the 80s, and the other one from some Cornish beaches, Bedruthan Steps and Harlyn Bay I think, (unfortunately those got watermarked in the process which you can see in the second and third video). New songs as well!

"Disconnected from my bed" vs Hexenhuegel

 "Information Relief" vs Cornwall

"Daylight" - one of the oldest Plus songs, we still sometimes dig them out...

Sumerian Kyngs, an eight (or maybe even nine) piece "psychedelic swamp rock" combo with a groovy light show/visuals:

captured here by Captain Sensible (I think!!!):

should be a good spring party, see you there?