Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Plus & Pink Choppers at Corsica Studios

Hi - I'm just looking at the new look of this thing, hmmmm... I haven't posted for a while but as far as I'm concerned this blog is still going, it's just... a lot things that used to sort-of happen here, have been eaten by my fb habits, it's just easier to upload photos there and you can get an instant response....

Anyway, Plus. This band is still going too but nothing much has happened since Simon died (see previous post). We were going to look into playing a London show at some point but it just seems so difficult to work things out it's easier taking a break. I guess. Also, that new album is still as finished as it was 6 months ago... (and it will come out!) But I finally got around to uploading most of our gig at the Corsica Studios 18.06. mainly a memorial gathering/gig for Simon Wring, with three bands playing who he was involved in, we were sandwiched between the Pink Choppers, George and Vikki who played with Simon as Rail previously, and the mighty Gallon Drunk who Simon played bass with. We played only 6 songs and it was quite a hard thing to do, a bit sombre and subdued and it took us a while to work out which songs to play, but it turned out to be one of our more focussed shows, and fortunately 5/6 of it was filmed and recorded by a really good camera so it's quite classy footage, if I may say so:

We played: Antique Doll / Tired Eyes / 48 Hours / Bijou 80s Breakdown / Shades of Green / Double Shine Dustbowl Future

so this is "Antique Doll":

followed by a longer video featuring "48 Hours", "Bijou 80s Breakdown", "Shades of Green" and "Double Shine":

if 48 Hours is a bit peculiar (as it mostly is) just move forward :)

and here are two of the three tracks played by Pink Choppers


& a really fun cover of "Walk like an Egyptian"

there's some GD footage too, which I may post but I think I'll ask them first...

thanks, xx