Saturday, October 11, 2008

pics from our show at the Cross Kings: Plus, Amy Blue, Rail & The Nanny Maze

"WHEN I'M PRETTY presents...": The evening in pictures and videos. It was another good night! I really enjoyed it! Thanks to all the bands, and everyone who turned up on the evening, and the Cross Kings for letting us do our thang!


The Nanny Maze, with their quirky electropop opened the evening:

Rail - first two pictures still taken by me, the rest by Simon. Nice and doomy wall of sound, they did a cover of the "Ghostbusters" theme:

Simon (Amy Blue) letting rip in solo mode. "Angel of Chaos":

... and us, Plus. Me in a new wig and party shades. And a very different setlist. It was a very focussed set, I used two mics  (one with heavy reverb effects, we did this once before ages ago, but I think we might keep it this time) and it went down very well, from what I've gathered. Apart from the first track none of this was played at the show before that:
I Know, I Know (the John Mc Laughlin cover)

What's in the Tube? (a very old song, from our second demo, not even on the first album, we used to play it a lot live , and I decided to resurrect it for this show)

Rotating Futures (lyrics forthcoming!)
Spring Commute (or is that Lemonade Laminate? still work in progress...)
Voodoo in Naples (another oldie not played for years!)
Winter Commute
Antique Doll

Encore: Ephedrine Daddy