Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rotating Futures, we're almost there...

when i'm pretty presents... March 16 Brighton The Latest Music Bar

Wed 16. March, 20h
Brighton, The Latest Music Bar, Manchester Street . 
£ 4.—on the door
when i’m pretty presents....

Plus – Plus formed in Kemptown over 10 years ago. They use guitar, 808 and far-out vocals to create a unique noise pop/alt.rock wigout. Part performance art, part punk, part prog, you won’t have seen anything like them. Celebrating new album “Rotating Futures”.
Crayola Lectern – Torrid piano songs spew forth from Crayola Lectern, aided and abetted by Jon Poole (Cardiacs) on Casiotone and Al Strachan (Hamilton Yarns, Willkommen) on flugelhorn.
Bella Kardasis and Paul Farrington
Daily sea swimmers Bella Kardasis and Paul Farrington will perform together for the first time on dry land. 
Bella Kardasis composes music for choreography, film, and using guitar, violin and piano.
Paul Farrington works as a digital artist and musician under the name of Tonne. He has been primarily a graphic artist; however, he has increasingly been working with interactive technology which is music-driven. To that end he has been developing applications for making music. With his first release titled 'Soundtoy' published in 2002, he has been described by The Wire magazine as an "interactive software visionary". His interactive 'Soundtoys', which he has created for Depeche Mode, Mute and Moby, have set the benchmark for music 'packaging' in a post-print landscape.

Farrington's audio has also featured on numerous labels worldwide including BiP-HOp and Klitekture. His 'Soundtoy' CD - a collaboration with Scanner, si-cut.db, and Hakan Libdo - was a precursor to many similar audio/visual experiments, suggesting possible audio futures. Pauls interactive installations have been exhibited in the UK , Spain , Canada , USA , Germany , Italy , France and Croatia , and workshops have taken place in Sweden , Austria , UK and Ireland .

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