Saturday, April 02, 2011

when i'm pretty in Brighton

Crayola Lectern soundcheck:

Bella Kardasis and Paul Farrington, moody, ambient improv collaboration by the daily sea swimmers:

Crayola Lectern:

a genuinely lovely & mesmerising set by all accounts, listen to a short snippet here:

and then it's...


I dedicated the set to the people of Japan, I was still very much in shock from the news reports. We played: I know I know Colony Collapse / Double Shine Dustbowl Future / The Tenderness of Wolves / Bijou 80s Breakdown / Lemonade Laminate / The Cracks of Language / Rotating Futures / They're Watching at Home and finally Shades of Green. By the end we seemed to have lost/scared off most of the audience though. Still, we've got the photos to prove it...