Saturday, March 29, 2008

48 Hours

furry signals
broken arrow lines
switchover clouds
plateau fatigue
corridor mashes into jazz
light drove
the future in the cap
wiry pistols
distance bursts to rivers
paranoid stare
it kicked in and multiplied
targets look retro
eating to forget
losing authority
rogue direction
embarrassing seal
circle of fear
whispering whips
zones stumble even
whisper, fear of communication
smiling catastrophe
lines inside the face
weapon parades
glassy lights shake
action boat
shadows trace a bomb
lose control
maps recede
discussion fades
silence punctuates
running out
it's going down
mild light, second safety
old stuff disintegrates
disown valleys
losing races into clouds
dirty ways
stand clear
happy astronauts
fallen faces
instant volume issues
bushy beard looks east
the last day in the country
dangerous cosmos
russian temperatures
bushy hedge reveals eyes
rotating wheels
eerie tunnel
spooky frontend
downtime on the road
bugged building
canal alongside the road
inside crystals
dusty hope signals evaporate
churning gods
rotating vibes
to star in a bungalow or a bunker
intensely powerful machines going under
civilisation breakdown
water slide down
fire features
i listened to a bell inside the house
lonely dog

ok, I recited some of this live during one of our new songs, 48 hours. This is part of an ongoing creative writing experiment - i'm slumped in front of the telly and write down stuff i see on screen, mashed up with stuff that comes into my head, so it's in no way a linear, straightforward observation but just dense and a bit abstract. i find some of it quite intriguing , the way the associations hang together, though i think it helps if it's buried in something else, like a song. anyway, it was kinda fun to do. not sure whether it worked entirely, and might need to be worked on a bit more, it's hard to tell. ..

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Plus @ Cross Kings 03.03.

And how did OUR show look like??? My old friend Michael who has just moved to the lovely old town of St Albans just outside London took, um, a lot of photos on Simon's camera. So here are a few. . . Enjoy and come along the next time :-)  
Also read all about it here on Amy Blue's myspace blog...  

Thanks everyone for being involved. That's kinda the way it should be. And I might do it again!

Some snapshots from our night at the Cross Kings

from my camera, more to follow... it went really well IMO, nice venue and crowd...