Saturday, November 16, 2013

when i'm pretty presents... PLUS, 29 PALMS &, fishmadonna @ The Stags Head 23.11.

"when i'm pretty presents... AUTUMN PARTY with

PLUS - noise pop/alt.rock wigout

29 PALMS - instrumental surf rock

FISH MADONNA - bijou 80s breakdown

DJ Gavin Hobson

Sat 23.11 8 pm @ The Stags Head (near Haggerston Overground station, off Kingsland Road, just south of the canal) 

£ 3.-- on the door"

for one night only... the return of my old "band" via the wonders of the innernet, and some sort of physical presence. Mysterious enough? well yes, be there at 8.30 to witness it, it will be short and hopefully as weird and wonderful as it should be. Plus will probably be on stage at about 10, and we'll play a special Plus through the ages set chosen by John who will turn 29 (or another round number) the week after, so this is also his unofficial half century birthday bash. Should be fun and it's a Saturday and in East London too... plus instrumental surf rock by 29 Palms and the reliably ace & eclectic sounds of Mr. Hobson's choices to guide you through the night... x

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Plus - 29 Palms - Pink Choppers - Steve Antoni, Sat 22nd June at the Constitution (Camden Town)

The new Plus album "Rotating Futures", cover art (click on it to see it in its full homemade glory). Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland, millions of years old.  Only 50 copies exist, some of it sounds a bit rough but I wanted it to come out in some form and now it is. I may 
have some copies to give to people at our first show this year:

Yes, it's exactly the same line up as last year, so we'll be on just after 10 hopefully, and before us it's the 29 Palms with their delightful instrumental surf rock and the quirky stripped down indie pop of Pink Choppers, with Steve Antoni opening and possibly compering and Gavin providing a DJ mix (as he actually can't be there in person). Sure it's very good, I haven't listened to it yet! I'd like to think it'll be like one big family party but it wouldn't be the same if you didn't turn up! The Constitution is a cosy little downstairs venue, right by the Canal, round the back streets of Camden Town, actually very near Camden Road station. Pls let me know if you need help to find it. It's 2 quid on the door!

Plus at Ryans Bar last year:

29 Palms:

Pink Choppers:

See you there! x

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ulm at x-mas : Kl. Lautertal

one of our favourite haunts, Schwaebische Alb. quite hazy and sunny walking into the valley so I took lots of pics x (p.s. what was interesting to me with some of those is the way you try to focus on something that is slightly obscured by branches or other things in gthe foreground, so you need to look closely to see things that are more in the background, and the interplay of textures is quite attractive. because of the hazy light that is mostly in the background some of these look like weird mirages)