Thursday, December 29, 2005

x-mas in walthamstow

two walks on Epping forest (in both directions), Little Britain Series 1 & 2, Little Britain Fridge magnets, Maltesers, the Great Dalmuti, Harry Potter, MTV2s Greatest Songs of 2005, presents, presents, presents, turkey, roast potatoes, parsnips, peas, vegetarian gravy, Gaia online x-mas carols, Simon playing the piano, two days and one long night!

np weezer unreleased sh!t

Daytrip to Brighton

once a month, a daytrip to the old hunting grounds of Brighton is not too much, no? We saw Michelle on the seafront, walked along the cold Kemptown beach, saw Alis band at the Albert, had a great meal at, one of our favourite restaurants ever, and a few too many real ales and porters at the fab Evening Star pub near the station.

Date w/Ikea

buying furniture in Neeeeeeeasden

np Fall Heads Roll

Friday, December 23, 2005

All together now:

"I am quail and quasar
I pick you up on radar
I do my job each day
empties crushed and fired away

But there is nothing worse than
an undetermined person
Can I abuse please
in my subspace biographies?

Da-Da-Da- Da-Da-Da Da-Da-Da DAAAA-DAAAAA"

Just heard that 'Subspace Biographies' could be about the Dennis Cooper novel 'Guide' or inspired by it, at least that is what Pollard allegedly said to someone at Matador. Timewise it's possible, and at least the last two lines quoted above would probably fit. Mr Pollard finds inspiration in all sorts of stuff around him though, and often two or three unrelated things inspire something new, and it's often not so tangible and open to the listener. Well, I've sung along to that song many times, it's one of the very best IMO, so to have this extra layer of meaning is pretty cool. I wasn't even aware that Pollard had read the book, though his music and lyrics feature in it..

I bought my first GBV album ("Under the Bushes Under the Stars") shortly after reading 'Guide', and the rest is history... I thought it sounded alright at first, a bit hazy, as if from far away, I liked 'the Official Ironmen Rally Song' on the first listen. Two weeks or so later I played it and realized that a lot of the songs had found their way into my head in a way that was very striking. I soon got obsessed with GBV and started buying their entire catalogue as well as most of the side projects, joined the notorious 'postal blowfish' GBV email fan club (or whatever) and later the equally notorious Disarm The Settlers board (DTS) , met A LOT of great people, got introduced to all sorts of music through the amazing music tastes of fellow fans and went to see a lot of GBV shows in the UK, Europe and the States, some of which were the most euphoric, out-there concert experiences i've ever been lucky enough to witness (and I've seen a lot). It's changed my life, at least a little bit. I was already in my early thirties when i first heard this and maybe a little jaded about music and it made me realize what music can really do. It's really opened my eyes in many ways. I'm maybe a little less enthusiastic these days and I don't love everything equally that comes my way from Dayton, but every once in a while, about once every week I'm still listening to a bootleg or an album and really get into it. )

Thursday, December 22, 2005


my little nephew

Blair gives up fight over smoking ban



maybe we'll get a complete ban on smoking after all. I'm so fed up with it, too many x-mas drinks in smokefilled places that otherwise have been really good fun, really brought it home to me this week that this needs to happen here. Or i need to move to New York, Dublin, Italy or, errm, Wales. the Must Destroy x-mas party at the Windmill was especially good, the mighty Sludgefeast and super-group Ghouls Aloud (featuring IAn, members of Sludgefeast and Do Me Bad Things in Halloween costumes playing Misfits covers) headlining a great rock'nroll party with a ton of great people in the house. unfortunately far too smokey for me too, even with frequent visits to the weird eerie Brixton council street outside of the venue...

np Olivia Tremor Control

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Your Hazy Fist

Take the tablet and slip down the lane
for time has given you a place to rest.
you run inside the channel to find a better view
but what was now has sunk beneath the table.
You clear the screen but I can't see
what you've raised in front of my eyes,
the gesture seems alien,
and this violence will never hit me just the way you thought.

I could never describe what hit me
just the way it approached and slapped me hard.
When the alarm goes off
you proceed without protection,
the screen's gone blank and the afterlife
smiled down, but still
there's only so much I want to do
before I stop to shake.

Cold table cracks in front of you,
a wedding march divided into fractions,
gossiping about the aftermath
of actions long since remembered useless.
I want to hold you there
but you disappeared inside the fog
so I slip from the ledge
remembering your arms

Friday, December 02, 2005

come on

honey instruments delay the path when I strike closer
for other prizes to be won one day and little wonders to achieve
to spit a little and forget my treason
the spit hangs dirty in the air but it leads further
than you ever thought
a promised land for you
so come on

coughing tricks for architects of misery to inspect
all the degrees of hate
swirling in your violent steam room
to build and protect
another bridge across this slimy divide
to decide a certain passage
through the night
so come on

When I break the bread and feel it sighing
on the other side as you open your mouth
the thought arrives
that this has all been here before all the way back
to the dark old ages
but I try again to make it sound fresh
when the bite reverberates inside your head
amplified for all to see
the show must go on
so come on

Where the bodies lead you a silent cross appears
i saw it before on your back
Why did i lean on it though the barren days?
Why did it matter to me when you spoke of it
in incessant wonder?
Does it lead you out of the circle?
Will we go further today?
Did the shepherd give you his commands
to follow the herd
and the laughing dogs today?
Is this where we're headed?
then just say the word
and we're off
so come on

I'm sitting on a chair
looking out of the window
my loss is before me
traded into hills
and slowly moving rivers going nowhere
but just where you started
this fieldtrip
for me
I felt treason raging against me
in my head
Will I resist it and see you again?
Will it come closer?
If it's worth trying
then come on

My ship is sailing away
through the violent sounds
as night awakes from its dirty old dreams
I rage and toss and turn
just to escape a certain wish
my tools are scattered all over the garden
leading outside for all to see
I did it
and I'll do it again
so come on