Friday, December 02, 2005

come on

honey instruments delay the path when I strike closer
for other prizes to be won one day and little wonders to achieve
to spit a little and forget my treason
the spit hangs dirty in the air but it leads further
than you ever thought
a promised land for you
so come on

coughing tricks for architects of misery to inspect
all the degrees of hate
swirling in your violent steam room
to build and protect
another bridge across this slimy divide
to decide a certain passage
through the night
so come on

When I break the bread and feel it sighing
on the other side as you open your mouth
the thought arrives
that this has all been here before all the way back
to the dark old ages
but I try again to make it sound fresh
when the bite reverberates inside your head
amplified for all to see
the show must go on
so come on

Where the bodies lead you a silent cross appears
i saw it before on your back
Why did i lean on it though the barren days?
Why did it matter to me when you spoke of it
in incessant wonder?
Does it lead you out of the circle?
Will we go further today?
Did the shepherd give you his commands
to follow the herd
and the laughing dogs today?
Is this where we're headed?
then just say the word
and we're off
so come on

I'm sitting on a chair
looking out of the window
my loss is before me
traded into hills
and slowly moving rivers going nowhere
but just where you started
this fieldtrip
for me
I felt treason raging against me
in my head
Will I resist it and see you again?
Will it come closer?
If it's worth trying
then come on

My ship is sailing away
through the violent sounds
as night awakes from its dirty old dreams
I rage and toss and turn
just to escape a certain wish
my tools are scattered all over the garden
leading outside for all to see
I did it
and I'll do it again
so come on

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