Thursday, December 22, 2005

Blair gives up fight over smoking ban



maybe we'll get a complete ban on smoking after all. I'm so fed up with it, too many x-mas drinks in smokefilled places that otherwise have been really good fun, really brought it home to me this week that this needs to happen here. Or i need to move to New York, Dublin, Italy or, errm, Wales. the Must Destroy x-mas party at the Windmill was especially good, the mighty Sludgefeast and super-group Ghouls Aloud (featuring IAn, members of Sludgefeast and Do Me Bad Things in Halloween costumes playing Misfits covers) headlining a great rock'nroll party with a ton of great people in the house. unfortunately far too smokey for me too, even with frequent visits to the weird eerie Brixton council street outside of the venue...

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