Thursday, January 29, 2009

when i'm pretty presents... PLUS (with GNA & AMY BLUE!!!) @ the Cross Kings, Monday 02.Feb

Hey, Hey, Another evening featuring Plus and friends is coming up next Monday 02. Feb from 8pm, again at the cosy Jester Bar @ the Cross Kings on York Way, near Kings Cross station, £ 3 on the door. We're playing a bit earlier this time, at about 09.15pm. We recently recorded a new mini album/CD "Colony Collapse" which we will play, plus a few oldies...

Opening the evening will be our good friends Amy Blue, who are promising a more unusual set of songs they've never played before, and headlining we have the in-your-face industrial rock experience (literally!) of GNA (from about 10pm)... DJ Wayne Bootleg will play old skool punk, rock and goth in between the sets.

All details below

cheers, thomas xx

"when i'm pretty presents...

GNA - Global Noise Attack!! Theatrical, abrasive industrial rock.;

Plus - brooding alt.rock with improv elements, playing new mini album “Colony Collapse”

Amy Blue – “nu-gazing” doom pop, celebrating the imminent release of their debut album, “The Fortress and the Fatalist”

DJ Wayne Bootleg plays punk, rock and goth!

Monday, 02. Feb, 20h @ The Cross Kings – Jester Bar (downstairs)
York Way, near Kings Cross rail and underground station

£ 3.-- on the door!"

Friday, January 02, 2009

Christian Death: Spiritual Cramp

Happy New Year!!! ...

and welcome to my latest obsession: Rozz Williams-era Christian Death, one of the original so called "death rock" bands, and a fixture on the LA punk scene. I saw the Valor incarnation of Christian Death in London recently and was so puzzled by it all. I think what Valor and the fabulously scary Maitri (she looks like she's coming straight out of a Polanski movie...) do is decent and fairly entertaining but it's a completely different band. Check out the wikipedia entry for Christian Death and you find there's a fleeting mirage of incarnations, every one further removed from the original band that made that classic first album "Only Theatre of Pain", made when Rozz was just 16 (!!!). So when I got that recently I realised just why this band was so important and influential. And that it's all about Rozz at the end of the day, he was quite the enigmatic and eccentric artist and character...and his image set trends for decades to come...I love his voice, already so world weary and campy, and the driving punk rock guitars on this track, set to scenes from " It's a Wonderful Life"...