Sunday, March 12, 2006

slave time

zero effort required
mental zones are defined, refined, formed by request, taken abroad, taken inside
felt up
and thrown out again to see the new sun
and a leak behind the ocean means
waterfalls will swallow you whole
as you dance
in slave time
downstairs by the river lodge
the window opens
for stranger requests
to be taken in
and swallowed whole
in slave time
furious wake up calls follow
time's running out on your scheme
colour awaits rejection
done it without thinking
forced it to hide
touched it at the base but then it slipped
i stumbled
where is the lightswitch in this room
have i followed you here by mistake
i want to walk now
talking into the timeslits by the wall
to another future that's been preserved for ages
a dialogue opens up
but i'm a captive
to slave time
have i touched my own line
so you trip over
and leave by the other door
or is everything
alright again
i ask as you swallow
but i'm forgotten too far ahead
too early
so all you get is words
defined and spoken
in slave time
my brand new morning
laughs in your face
as we ponder the options
hidden in the caves
tried without rhythm
left outside to dry
burnt to reflect glory
spoken until guilty
a trial without words
my best option
is to submit
and forget
unless i take it further one day
but when will it come
hey! we are back
slave time

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