Sunday, March 12, 2006

confused icebreaker

nutshells, further wrecked but sleeping,
trying it all out again,
for safety follows you, inside your
growing time machine, to
lies when you see them
and make conversation
all the other times to see
whether anyone can get away with it
this time,
a smile for your wedding day,
a revolution but not
as far as i can see,
to lick it off and spit it out,
to fake a rhythm in the booming corridor,
to step aside for
rhythm control,
issues you have, and had,
to stare too far,
to lie there sleeping, to multiply, just to
say it like it is

fragments of what you said are just a
hello inside a dungeon,
and outside wishes that remain faceless
and nameless, to
vanish inside the circle,
but i never saw it like that,
to fire away until you
stand still beside the booming envelope.
focus on the guitars
or stand still anyway
before it comes closer and
licks your hidden glue line,
to seal it but I interfere
and throw you
a confused icebreaker,

so now we're even you think
and relax
but this road is deeper below the surface
and it keeps twisting and turning away,
a fork inside your face,
dividing lines,
a wakeup call,
so early i can't see it,
my forcefield collapses
and sweats it out
but here i am
asking a question
will you do it?
or not?
it's only a game
when i thought so
but somehow
it's finished without.....

i can hear you now....

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