Friday, February 26, 2010

Plus returns to Brighton! Wed 3rd March @ the Latest Music Bar

We've been wanting to return to Brighton to play a show for some time, after all this is where we started the band, and we still have friends there. For some reason, it's taken us a while but we've now put an exciting bill together, well, John did, so hopefully this will be a good one, looking forward to it... Wednesday 03 March @ The Latest Music Bar in Kemptown, just off St James Street, from about 20h... In John's words it goes something like this:

The When I’m Pretty Brighton Special....
.. ..
The long-running tri-monthly night in Kings Cross, curated by Plus, comes to Brighton.. for a one-off. Strange things can happen…
.. ..
Plus formed in Kemptown over 10 years ago. They wear Amy Winehouse wigs. They use guitar, 808 and far-out vocals to create a sound described as ‘strangely-flavoured frozen junk pop’, ‘fucking shit’ and ‘the best band I’ve ever seen’. They have been curating When I’m Pretty for 3 years, showcasing acts as diverse as Bach-playing classical guitarists and hardcore industrial noise, normally on the same bill; this is their first ..Brighton.. date for 6 years. Part performance art, part punk, part prog, you won’t have seen anything like them, and you won’t forget them.
.. ..
DJ Tendraw is a musical anarchist who has been described as ‘the British pioneer of ‘circuit bending’’; he has performed and exhibited nationally and internationally (Glastonbury, 2009/08/07, Next Festival, Slovakia, Bent Festival, LA/MPLS, US, Destroy Athens, Athens 1st Biennial, Below The Radar, Portugal) and has delivered lectures in turntablism and circuit-bending at the Kinetica Museum, Science Museum and the ICA, London, UK. He  has written and presented radio shows for Resonance 104.4 FM, and released music on Big Dada, 4th Harmonic and Stationary Records.
‘DJ Tendraw has spawned a scene and production style entirely of his own creation and watched it grow to become an underground phenomenon from grimy South London clubs to the dancefloors of the electronica elite.’
‘Circuit bent analogue mayhem ... re-routed childrens toys, magnetic hotel keys, feedback, casio keyboards, and an array of home made ‘jump loops’ wallpaper textures & things that i've never seen before.’ The More or Less Club
.. ..
Adam Lygo & EMB
Two-man improvised guitar massive sullen noise. Sounds like a house being sucked into a jet turbine.
’Digging deeply into claustrophobic spaces...the only intention is to suggest a feeling of enclosure, of huge gravitational weight, and powerful seismic forces at work.’
-Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector
.. ..
DJ Melita will be bookending the acts with a selection of downtempo electronica.

Only £4.00 on the door"


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