Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An Evening with the Weaklings: Winter Rites@Bistroteque

A fundraiser for the Five Years gallery, a non-commercial artists-driven space, essentially a small flat in a council estate near the East London gallery hub of Vyner Street.

The beautiful dark interior of the small Bistroteque theatre with its many swirling lights:

The angel-voiced Nick Hudson and assorted players:

Dirty Snow: Esther Planas, Wolf and Tender Prey create a doomy, ambient dronescape with occasional hushed vocals and a lot of eerie chemistry. Thankfully it's not too loud and quite subtle, as isn't always the case with these things ;)

Jeremy Reed and Itchy Ear, aka The Ginger Light, a multimedia poetry performance that feels almost like a seance:


Anonymous said...

That looks amazing I wish I had been there. Who knew poetry could be this exciting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this lovely post... it was a great night wasn't it... every performer contributed something really special Carolinexx