Monday, November 17, 2008

rotating futures (here and now reverb mix)

interlude: contemporary music
feel the now in the past
this animal will swallow your past
scratchy voices link the ages
a cry from the future rhymes with a lighthearted pun in the presence
flickering colours represent the next wave
that you can't see right now
microphone's a blister right into applause
rotating skies
silhouette of a potential future
home in the background
wires promoting an absence
young face sings old music
woozy street scene
rhythmic interaction wins the day
instruct positive motivation in sound
rain relaxes you
lie to the advdertisers
freebies snuggle up and overwhelm you
smothered in noise
hostility wave constructs an alternative screen
competition drives you away
japanese whispers summon a full blown overwhelming street scene
bathed in positivity, light, grace
twinkling little neon lights, you follow the corridor
there's a number hidden in the pompous display
written into the white space
landscaped misery overruled by internal chaos
nightmarish exercise
halftones with a religious background noise
a shot in the arm will heal the time dependency matrix, regulate
the breathing so it's streamlined to the future
sitting on the toxic other side of daily life, pleasure
seeps into a grey hole
snapshots from the other side
a soft touch deletes your account, swallows the time machine
and sits you out in a starlit night
caught like a rabbit in the headlights
security makes you nervous
rotating futures, always remixed
more fun will never be
so we forget what comes next

listen from about 4.00 (minutes) into this ...:

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