Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween Go-Go-Goffing at the Cross Kings: Dead & Buried

The beautiful Anderson and Hebe who I met at the Cocteau Twins party
me (wig), Steve (Damned Damned Damned T-shirt), big beers

Anderson and me

Anderson negotiating the entry to the hellmouth

back to the Cross Kings for their Halloween event, Dead and Buried, a "trad goth" night Steve was interested in. It was a pretty good night, the space works for that sort of things Our night , also at the Cross Kings downstairs, always had a certain gothy element, so it was interesting to see the space transformed into a full on goth hangout, certainly pretty busy, upstairs there was a gig by Voltaire, a solo performer from NYC who is almost a goth standup comedian, and who was pretty entertaining and went down well, downstairs old skool goth and new wave, including stuff by Wire, German new wave, X-Mal Deutschland's "Begrab Mein Herz" which I'm not sure I heard in a club before, Virgin Prunes, really great stuff, though my memories are bit hazy...

All photos were taken by the lovely Hebe who I met at the recent London Cocteaufest which she organised and DJed at, they took over a big pub in Dalston and played Cocteau Twins and other stuff all night long, it was wonderful, really moving. The are very good, it's a strong community from the looks of it, I just haven't got around to posting there much, even though I've been a member for a while. Listening and dancing to this music with other fans (including Anderson, also pictured here) was definitely a great experience, so thank you again, Hebe. I'd like to do it again sometimes!

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