Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thames Walk for charity

some photos from our walk for the breast cancer charity ABC. We were part of the latecomers and "only" did the henley to marlow shorter option, but it being a hot day, that was quite enough, thank you. fortunately there was a nice shady pub garden on the way, the Flower Pot, a lovely pub set back from the river with a huge garden... the latecomers arrived in marlow about 45 minutes after the hardcore who had walked from the start in reading, so we were definitely the low achievers hanging back and just enjoying ourselves really. the whole route looked gorgeous, every week the trees get greener. walking isn't about speed and numbers in my book, it's more about contemplation, etc. plus it was soooo hot. My favourite place was in Hurley where the Thames divides in several strands and you can sit on some meadows that seem to be part of a camping area. it's a good walk and i'd do it again!

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