Saturday, April 28, 2007

language is boring

in my head it's a constant argument. Listen. I'm sorry. You said. I want this to be clear. You can't do this. Why did you say this to him. Why didn't you tell me. Is this the right thing to do. What if we do this. I can't see how this is possible. Bang your head while you're dreaming. It's going round and round in a circle. Where is this going. I want this to be done that way. can we have a meeting. can we talk about this. is this the right thing to do. i'm looking forward to this. let's be positive about this. i think this will improve things. stop me stop me stop me if you think you heard this one before. Listen to me. It's not going to happen. Slowing down the market. My image is stronger than yours. i will sell it before you do. mismatched colours. mismatched possessions. replacements of replacements of replacements of old television versus new television of nightmare lifestyles of voodoo shit cut prize possession supermarket lightbulb machinery manipulation control what would you do take the puzzle a step higher dream now so you can escape this train won't go now. etc. this is your train driver speaking. i'm sorry about the delay to your journey this morning, this is due to. this is an automated message. did you try to say something. do something real. yeah, but is it worth it. a home is not a money bag. i will try to heal the rift. between language and its prized possessions. how can you describe it. listen. i'm telling you. this is between you and me. language is boring....

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