Sunday, June 18, 2006

Frances McKee & Eugene Kelly: The Vaselines play an encore

I discovered The Vaselines not so long ago, as part of my random journey , and am still listening, they just had some great, warped pop songs. We were all really into it playing some Vaselines stuff in our chalet at ATP. Apparently 'Rory Ride Me Raw' is about a bicycle saddle, I learned, haha...

So yesterday was the first night of a short tour billed as Frances McKee and Eugene Kelly, where they were both playing solo sets, and then some Vaselines stuff was promised to follow. In the end that meant only about five songs, and despite it sounding more acousticy and a little underrehearsed it was still super sweet and affecting. They played Mollys Lips, You think you're a man (originally sung by Divine), Jesus wants me for a sunbeam (not originally sung by Nirvana :-), (I think) Son of a Gun, Monsterpussy (?) and/or The Day I was a Horse (Love these titles..). The first three were tacked on at the end of Frances set which was low key, quite nice, her all female band included a cello player and her own daughter as backing vocalist, you could hear a certain tone familiar from the Vaselines in there just about but it was more acoustic, and didn't have the same kind of bite and synergy, I guess as in all great bands the sum is more than its parts. We were lounging around in the corner when she finally asked Mr Eugene Kelly on to the stage which created a bit of rush and excitement in the audience, I guess most people were excited about the Vaselines reunion of sorts. It wasn't really much, some false starts ("twenty years in the business..."), didn't sound as mad and maybe seemed a little half hearted, as if they were doing it more to promote their solo records rather than reuniting but as I said, it just made you smile, it was sweet and a little magic. I wish they'd played a full rehearsed set, but this little gesture made it all the more precious i guess. 'Jesus wants me for a sunbeam' was astonishing, probably the highlight. After the last two songs of the encore (and they'd never done an encore in the old days before apparently) Mr Kelly mumbled 'Please forgive us for we have sinned', and stumbled off. Followed by a playback of Velvet Underground's entire 'Loaded' album, which a member of our party knew line by line by heart. Cue drunken, low key dancing. A lovely evening, and I even dreamt about it (and that went on for hours in my dreams, haha)!

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