Friday, June 23, 2006

foggy gold

dial another colour
fade from sight but don't forget
it's all deceptive
discover for real
what that noise can do
for you
while laughter still resides
in the foreground
i'm not what you think
but i don't know how to say it right
lonely lanes feel quieter
and distant
stutter through mainline exposure
distorted sights lead to
nothing, maybe an explosion.
soft tunnels
sunshine drifters what you want is
floored, agreed, but
i've got other plans now
drifting though last orders
and new beginnings
i'm all over these
foggy golden buildings
shine strange sights
for love to share and hills to climb
type faster
build an escape route
follow me
enlightened hills
reversed shapes
all you backwards procession markers
i'll wrap you all around me
as i stare ahead to lose control
flattering thoughts vanish into these grounds
like water leaking through
for safety nets to gain
a power to survive
i kneel for space
and handle more suspense
though through these eyes i see nothing
but grey walls
occasionally another map sprawls further
and leads me into gardens
out of step
whatever you see
it's real to me
i fear i'm swallowed by the tide
to see you through and bite it off
sombre clear dividers build a picture
and fight back
through moist tunnels
and reversed options
i shall say yes to you

shoot me stranger
become clearer as the wave collapses into
familiar patterns
wave through to the content edge
exploring the rest as if it was
a neverending present
feel good when black edges turn up
for it is here
that you will slip through
confidence kills
the other side
but i remain a willing survivor
of the rage for meaning
deliver a parcel
a birthday cake
or wave another direction
you're free

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