Tuesday, April 04, 2006

"a straaaa...aaaaaange day"

The Cure: 'A Strange Day' at the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday

Video was filmed by a friend of mine who was sitting on the other side of the stage. I told him about youtube later on the tube station and now it's already been watched 770 times since he's put it up yesterday. that's the interweb for you! What I thought of that particular song was that it's turned into a pretty beefy live number in the last few years wheras before it was this ghostly little weird song.
The Cure were beyond epic on Saturday. Hard to believe, but they actually played most of the songs on the setlist of that 1982 bootleg, and more, and more again. Some surprises, 'The Blood', 'Hot Hot Hot', 'Shiver and Shake', 'The Baby Screams', 'At Night', 'Never Enough' etc. etc. , they just pulled them out of memory lane and played and played. Over three hours, three encores and a forest later we were left back into the real world. Absolutely spellbinding. six out of five! And yeah, Depeche Mode were pretty good too. ..

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