Thursday, April 27, 2006

Exit Flagger in New York

We were in New York for all three shows of the 'Electrifying Conclusion', the final goodbye tour of Guided By Voices (hey, it didn't come to London!), parked ourselves for three days and long nights mostly towards the back of the nice Irving Plaza and also the nearby Shades of Green bar, before AND after the shows, hehehe, met a ton of great Postal Blowfish and DTS people, hung out, and enjoyed some truly remarkable shows. I was wearing a different GBV shirt every night, and one of my favourite moments was when Jim Pollard (Bobs brother) pointed at my GBV atom shirt and started to talk to me, and I got to shake his hand. They were hanging out at the bar cos they'd run out of alcohol backstage :-)) I think he was with The Heed but I'm not sure, there were a ton of other old school fans hanging around by the bar at that point and, this is Saturday, when Exit Flagger came on we all started raising out fists together, a great moment. The final show on Sunday was really magical, a bit subdued but very concentrated. When we came back I noticed Simon had only shot one video and it was Exit Flagger from the Sunday show. It looks a bit grainy on youtube but it's a magical little clip for me. So I'll share. Enjoy:

the photo up there is me on the Monday morning after three GBV shows in a row, sitting in a cafe in the East Village.

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