Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Watching Music Television I

filigrane world
gay hustler
dancing aliens
van lights
cowboys microphone empty room
dance routines repetition grey shirts laughter ass clapping
too pronounced
fires circling lights flying apples
the end
curtains haircuts food talking potatoes antlers
dirty grades
spitting blood
stifling food adult
what is it trying to say?
t-shirt slogans
spilt milk
desired fool silhouette identity
masked surfer
walking through screens
holding the planet
green naked
watercooler in a t-shirt disco ball
dark machine
moves on a meadow
city silhouettes fake car
running though the woods
in a cross framed in four screens
autumnal scene
scratching stark tree trunks
guitars a cross victorian clothes
snow seaside forces check lips
brick wall
camouflaged hills
screaming teeth frazzled hair moral panic
tactical error
it's growing in your direction
cycling in space
spikes rhythms egghead
racing through black and white streets
beaches, lights and edges
drifting off on a motorway
first rays of the sun
bridges into pleasant fiels
three screens of green lines
car noises blend into harmony
ideal transparent cars
nuclear families
four lanes green hills
four lights over egg heads
middle lane
distorted numbers lead
fitness session
numbers salad
fightin in a marble hallway
swords driving rhythm crashing though barriers
lucid dreaming
mountains corridors doors
fake shootings white dreadlocks car speeds off
driving rhythm
worked out
flying over mountain ranges
swerving under fire
peaceful meeting
car chase
suggestive colour
follow the sirens
faces distorted swapped
cars overturning
marked side doors
releasing tension stamping on the hood
smashing pieces in all directions
standing on the hood
ghosts consider a free ride
unreal identities come to life
landing with both feet
beating against the side
shooting entities
speeding fire
keys collection
black biker gloves
backwards and forwards
fog spinning
walls unreal walls
speeding police cars
against the data stream

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