Sunday, January 22, 2006

Princes Risborough to Great Missenden

the edge of Monkton Wood , keep walking along the edge of the woods...(it says in the book)

these sheep were running towards me, in the beautiful winter evening sunshine.

I think I want to explore the Chilterns a bit more this year, it's pretty, quiet, deep countryside, a bit eccentric, definitely a world away from London though it's connected with it, some places even by tube. I even like the small Chiltern Railways Marylebone station, it already feels like somewhere with a different pace.


Euan said...

Careful - I came out to the Chilterns from London for a walk once and have been living here for thirteen years now!

thomas said...

Hahaha - you're trying to warn me?

I would love to live in the countryside but I don't think it would be possible/feasible for many reasons. I do like getting out of London though from time to time, it puts me into a different frame of mind. Usually guided by the excellent Time Out Book of Country Walks...