Saturday, June 11, 2005

joy zipper

the new album is really nice. what is 'the heartlight set'? is there a story behind this?

i saw them a couple of years ago in the tiny Rough Trade shop in Covent Garden, they played our favourite song (well, of theirs), and handed out beers, and were very sweet. Seem to have gone through some weird shit with record label folding etc...but came through anyway, and still sound like they're just churning out these gorgeous songs in their sleep without too much effort. last time i saw them it was some sponsored BBC new 'community' thing at 93 Ft East, for which you had sign up and then get in free, badly organised, so they were really late and could only play for 20 minutes. First it was 'Let's trash this joint!', then it was 'ok let's just play one more song'.