Tuesday, June 14, 2005

the green wall

there's a green partition wall placed directly opposite my desk, a relic from a time when a manager was still roosting and doing what managers do in the space beyond it. The manager and the person who used to sit here have all left so i've inherited it. there were a couple of postcards pinned to it already, only one remains: it's 'Nighthawks' by Edward Hopper. Apart from that there's also:
a postcard advertising the Ramones 'End of the Century' doc ('A Seismic Snaphot of the Early Days of Punk!') with a great shot of the Ramones looking pretty pissed off,
a photocopy of the inside lyric sheet for GBV's Bee Thousand with the trainhead looming prominently,
a postcard of Eton College that my friend Charlie sent in to my work address for some reason,
a printout of the Easy Rider poster (in homage to our former IT support boy and ex-rugby player Ryder)
a cutout of a female model's head from an advert for cosmetics, i should think, judging by the bluish lipstick and eye shadow, it looks really silly,
a printout of a photo of the mother of the Italian bear sitting next to me, he insisted i put it there since he doesn't have a wall and has to look at it too :-),
a printout of a photo of a friend and colleague, Branka, who died of cancer earlier this year :-(
a printout from the Weezer and the muppets video, Kermit's eyes are coloured with pink marker, Rivers' glasses are marked with bright light green,
and a photocopy of a homemade cover for the GBV rarities collection 'I've Got Tickets To The Circus Of Delirium' (but I'm not supposed to tell you about it!)

I don't always feel like putting up pictures and stuff, at home or anywhere, but when i start somewhere i can't stop and a lot of the stuff gets put up very quickly without thinking about it too much. Now that the office is being rearranged there has been talk of removing the green wall, which so far i've protested. Nothing on there needs to be there to greet me in the morning, but it's certainly helped to make it my little corner. Saaad but true.