Saturday, August 30, 2014

some pics from my trip to Lueneburger Heide and Bremen

Lueneburg Heath, an old man made landscape, and now carefully maintained national park, if the special breed of sheep they have there (Heidschnucken) wouldn't graze there, it would soon revert to being a forest, in August the heathlands are in a trippy lilac bloom everywhere, though the many junipers can be admired all year round, I guess. The highest mountain in Germany, at about 120 meters (!), is there too. Bremen on the way back, I'd not been before but I loved it, sort of place I could actually live in, a lovely old town, and then across the river a big alternative "Szeneviertel", quite relaxed, and not too big, but not too small either. I guess I should spend more time in Northern Germany, would also love to explore the seaside and the islands just north of Bremen too!

 The Old House in Wilsede


 the old church in Undeloh

 a lot of beee keeping is going on on the heath


 Wilseder Berg



the Roland figure

 Bremer Stadtmusikanten

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