Sunday, January 29, 2012

Brighton gig / The World is Fxxxed torrent


Next Plus gig in Brighton, details as follows...

when i'm pretty presents...

28 Feb THE LATEST MUSIC BAR, Manchester Street (Kemptown) Brighton 20h


An 8 piece band creating a sound known as Psychedelic Swamp Groove! With an incredible Light Show, this diverse group of musicians – including Monty Oxymoron, the musical phenomenon and long term member of ‘The Damned’ – bring together many influences, from blues, jazz and electro to punk, rock and improv. But the Kyngs add that vital ingredient – a Groove to dance to – making each Kyngs gig an event worth catching.



Formed in Kemptown 13 years ago, Plus use guitar, 808 and far-out vocals to create a unique noise pop/alt.rock wigout. Part performance art, part punk, part prog, totally unique.

DJ MELITA will be keeping it interesting before, during and after the acts.

Doors: 8.00pm. Price: £4 on the door

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The good people behind the (probably appropriately named) The World is Fxxxed Records have put up a torrent featuring the combined works of the esteemed noise pop combo Amy Blue with whom we have played a few times in the past (I first met them when we played together at their first ever gig at the now defunct Pleasure Unit in Bethnal Green, found them again later on myspace (don't let anyone tell you myspace isn't good for stuff like that) and have followed their career ever since, they are really good - pls check them out if you haven't already), evol-1 (which is Simon Amy Blue in more industrial/fxxxed up solo guise), a few other bands/acts they have associations with (most notably tricyclic looper which is Trev's long running bedroom tapes project) and Plus, it's got the when i'm pretty album and the mix CD I compiled a couple of years ago as an introduction to the band. All this stuff is available for free here !

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