Tuesday, December 20, 2011


photos from the ancient island of Delos, near Mykonos, Greece in June. Mainly inside this one temple... this track somehow seems to sound like a further fuxxed with & warped copy of Dino Jr.s Freak Scene but the truth is it literally came out of nowhere, it's a first take! 

the room gets sparse as I trace the bloodline. when it was funtime my deep trace ran out and fell into a tree. just so you know... as if I knew you would do such a thing. the sexy airs ... down there where you can watch all the animals. get out there. but I feel truly detached from the party, as if all you're saying wouldn't matter much beyond today, the good day would last but what comes next is so much darker, you won't believe it now, anyway. and then what you can speak is so much more distorted even from what is confusing now. and confusion is next. I want to further disintegrate. let me get fractured inside my little frame. noone knows what's inside. my castle. let me in, I'll let you out and then scream goodbye inside your little ears tonight. scream your little ears off tonight. let you go outside then come back and not know where you've been. and then I say let's take over because you want to, you want to, you want to be the knife that cuts through. right through to where the veins are. and the laughing gnomes

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