Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Plus - bijou 80s breakdown (demo)

animation masks,
silent thread inside the theatre.
unhappy connection, scattered intentions,
multiplied strains,
techno investigator shakes his head,
itching to get out of thread.
in the woods
alone at night. flickering colours, the dozy
masters of tomorrow.

gasoline threads the nation, flying through
frozen colours, interweaving flavours left, stranded in different colours.
ejaculating future reports. bijou 80s breakdown.

hair waves in front of you, suggestively burn down in bed,
a sullen space rocket, a blackness invades your eyes,
reaching out from mossy eyelids, it kicked in and multiplied,
a swirling canvas, a different shadow questions you,
trapped in fuzzy state.

melancholia overload, images
are false to the eye,
delighted quiffs reverse.
therapy deepens layer machine. feedback noise evaluate, evaporate into mist.
flowers bloom over white sheets.

...efforts layer retro fuzz wail and mend the right channel now so the left layer doesn't take over...

a nice, spacey, dreamy demo we recorded a little while ago, just me and Chris, the band version will sound a bit different, will maybe even feature keyboards by a special guest, set to some photos from a very hot August weekend in and near Cognac, France. Where they make the cognac! come and see us on the 22nd October at the Cross Kings!


Gavin said...

Mmmmmmm, Cognac

PS Alright if I come & see you on the 22nd of October instead?

thomas said...

oh, I see, have corrected it now, well spotted, thank you! I was still in an August mood it seems...

btw the images of the river (it's a network of riverarms actually) towards the end are from Jarnac! There's also one picture at about 02.34 of an old industrial building standing by the river with a black fungus growing all over its walls, it's called "angels breath" locally and is caused by the vapours escaping during the complicated process of making cognac. That building is also in Jarnac!