Sunday, July 12, 2009

Saturday: walk through (mostly) rainy London

London Bridge was closed to traffic for the London Bridge 800 fair. To celebrate the 800th anniversary of the bridge, they set up stalls similar to what would have been there 800 years ago:

leading on from the temporary market on the bridge it was just a few steps down to Borough Market, always packed at the weekends:

along the South Bank by the Royal Festival Hall all the trees along this busy stretch of the river have these red-with-white-think-bubbles coats on them right now. People seem encouraged to write their thoughts or whatever on them, and most of them are covered in graffiti:

the ever popular fountains outside the RFH:

Gamelan workshop/demonstration in the lobby of the RFH, there's always something going on in there on the weekends:


this is the street of Denis Severs House
at the end of it a new gigantic and IMO very ugly and unoriginal looking office tower block looms, but inside this street time stands still and worlds collide:

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