Friday, March 20, 2009

when i'm pretty presents... pics and video from the 15.03.

GNA pics (apart from first two) by Simon, think they came out really well... another good night, started a bit quiet but definitely picked up later.

So far no pictures of us, Plus, but here is our setlist: I know I know (Colony Collapse)/Walking the foodmiles/Rotating Futures/48 Hours/Potatobiter/Lemonade Laminate/Double Shine Dustbowl Future/Ephedrine Daddy/Antique Doll/Electric Germany/Silhouette (quite a wild set mostly, I was a bit preoccupied before hitting the stage but once it started I got really into it!)
Next "when i'm pretty presents..." night just confirmed for Monday 11. May at the Cross Kings Jester Bar again (w/Flying Gambinos and more tbc).


GNA - Global Noise Attack!!! sound a bit sh!t on this but you can just about make out the songs and visually it's quite the entertaining, hehe ;)

EVOL-I (Amy Blue):

Simon Amy Blue in excellent solo mode. "Won't You Follow Me?" and "?" (hadn't heard that one before I think). Shame hardly anyone was there for his set, it picked up later, so at least this way he can have more of a (belated) audience...

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