Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Rozz Williams Happy Hour

RIP Rozz...

Actually this is a bit more than an hour so you can skip some of the Shadow Project stuff (for some reason I found a lot of Shadow Project stuff I liked on youtube, but couldn't find many good videos from Christian Death's second and third albums). For more info on this amazing artist check out these websites:the blue hour and //// thomas <<

"Cavity - First Communion" (Christian Death featuring RW Reunion Show '93) 3.35

"Deathwish" (Dr Caligari) 2.10

"Dogs" Daucus Carota in Paris 06.11.94 2.55 lyrics are taken from poems by Dennis Cooper, he told me via his blog

"Spiritual Cramp" (It's a Wonderful Life) 3.03

Premature Ejaculation 8.52

Shadow Project 3.50

Shadow Project "Zaned People" 9.36

"GrungeandDeath"'s short tribute 0.40

"Gleichschaltung" 4.34

"Whorse" with images by David Lynch 3.58
(embedding disabled by request)

Shadow Project 2.07

Shadow Project "Hounds Upon the Hare" 4.54

Christian Death: "Figurative Theatre" (King of Kings) 2.55

Shadow Project live 6.23

Christian Death : "Romeo's Distress" (Reunion show '93) 2.55

Rozz Williams - Memorial (Flower) 6.05


Anonymous said... Christian Death? A straight 'yes' or 'no' would be suffice, Thomas.

RIP Rozz...Long Live Valor!


thomas said...

um, yes?

thomas said...

but did you really have to use the V word, huh? :D