Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Plus - Double Shine, Dustbowl Future

Slouched in the backseat
connecting faces blur again
My lines are broken down to fragments, memories
lines inside the face

peace is full of beasts
waiting for the fantasy to return
paranoid shares seeping into power now

a sea of language frozen in time
he's the first man to do this
double shine double shine
a sharp tug at the corner

evaporate silly maps

i was in it for you
strained laughter
easy message
troubled times flick through
desolation awaits

there is an echo where the river once ran
resources dry out, darker tides even out further
a train into heaven stops, endtimes character
a false boom legacy drags you down
this is not what you want to hear
engineer the land of plenty till you fail
dusty jackets, dustbowl future

From our new CD "Colony Collapse". Photos are from a winter walk in the Tiefental, an ancient valley that is now dry, with amazing rock formations, near Blaubeuren, Schwaebische Alb, in South Western Germany, and the Blautopf in Blaubeuren itself.

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