Sunday, September 14, 2008

Scotland - return to Colonsay

on the ferry from Oban - a very scenic ride and it turned into a nice evening too!
the "paps of jura" in the distance
arriving in colonsay in the last evening sun
the view from the veranda of our s/c "island lodge". the crappy old stereo soundtracked this view fairly frequently with Teenage Fanclub's fine "Thirteen" album as well as the first "Neu!", both bought at Avalanche records in Glasgow, a nice old-school indie shop just a flight of steps up from Queen Street station where the West Highway Line begins. I'm turning into a Fannies fan fan fan..., and this is what i looked at...

in the woods near Colonsay House, the only substantial bit of woodland on the island - very lush as well, in the garden there are many exotic plants
kiloran bay, one of the most famous beaches in the Hebrides, usually deserted
some dark clouds hovering over kiloran bay, very dramatic skies

sheep nr colonsay house
rainbow underneath the hill colouring everything in its path

traigh nam barc

the strand - a dramatic big sandy space between colonsay and oronsay that you can cross at low tide only

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