Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sweden West Coast slideshow pt 2

These dark red fishermen's huts are everywhere...

again, the wild rocky scenery just outside Smoegen harbour

a lake with beautiful grass growing in it, deep in the woods...

back on the rocks near our house, where you can already see the coast in the distance

Mimi, Anton, Astrid, Julia and Camilla.

A bit of a reunion for a couple of days. Camilla and Astrid used to live with me in that famous "communal" and/or party house in Brighton Kemptown for a while in the 90s, both are now back in Sweden, Astrid has a family with two kids now and works as a gender consultant, Camilla is now a published author and translator. They came out for a couple of days while we were staying there, and we visited Nordens Ark nature park/zoo where you can see wolves, wolverines, tigers, reindeer and other animals in large enclosures, situated on a gorgeous woody hill overlooking a fjord (the kids loved it and so did we) and later Smoegen.

We had hired a little house in the sticks, built on the side of a huge flat elevated rock, on the Swedish west coast, somewhere between Bovallstrand and Hunnebostrand, near the famous old port town and island of Smögen, but a few kilometers inland from the coast. These rocky hills are everywhere around there, also deep woods, and by the coast some quite spectacular scenery. Fortunately there were buses and hiking trails, as we didn't have a car, notably the Söte Leden, a well-signposted (though quite challenging in places) long distance trail meandering in different branches around the area, mainly through the inland woods and hills, and passing our house close by.

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