Sunday, June 22, 2008

Brick Lane Follies...

These are from just over two weeks ago and mostly taken by Simon. Charlie's 40th birthday and we just went down the road to Brick Lane which is always buzzing on a Sunday but was especially good that afternoon, we saw some art in one of the Free Range exhibitions in the Truman Brewery and later ended up in the Vauxhall Arts Car Boot Sale at the back of the 93 Ft East where lots of quirky art could be bought, a big band played and the Bethnal Green Working Men's Club had set up in a corner for a very rocking karaoke session that really got raucous when the event was winding down and the last evening sun was illuminating this strange and beautiful urban wonderland. And it's MY birthday tomorrow!


Old Cheeser said...

Happy birthday Thomas!! Oh my God, I forgot! Are you not doing anything to celebrate??

That karaoke thing looks like a hoot - very quirky and creative! And erm....a bit naughty..? All thos men in pants? What was going on?! Wish I'd been there!

And how funny to see pics of Charlie!

thomas said...

thanks for birthday greetings, mon cherie! I didn't really plan anything special, we just went for a meal but you may scribble down the date of the next Plus gig in your diary: 15.07. in the Cross Kings in Kings X. It's our tenth birthday as a band, still going (reasonably...) strong and still in the same lineup, so it will be a little party! xx

Old Cheeser said...

That's cool - will try to make it - can you email me the details please? (You can get my email from my blog...) 10th anniversary, that's an achievement and a half (or a decade!)

S xx

thomas said...

I emailed you but here are the details anyway...

Plus - 10th anniversary show. Help us celebrate ten years of deranged guitar noise, experimental sci-fi poetry and improvised post punk! :-)
Julian Storer - classical guitar
Rail - laptop beats and guitar noise pop
plus more surprise acts!
DJ: Tricyclic Looper

Tuesday 15.07. 20h
@ the Cross Kings (Jester Bar)
York Way, Kings X
3 pounds on the door

Old Cheeser said...

Thanks Thomas! I got the email, mein herr.