Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rough Trade East!!!

so the new Rough Trade shop in Dray Walk (Trumans Brewery, just off Brick Lane, next to the Big Chill bar) is now open. So far it's still pretty empty and quiet, and there's signs that more stock is still coming in all the time. It doesn't quite have the Rough Trade magick (or overcrammedness, see picture) yet, it's quite big but nowhere near as big as, say, the Fopp shop on Tottenham Court Road (RIP). You can now buy, um, Rough Trade (as opposed to Fairtrade I guess) coffee, and there are some "nooks and crannys" to hang out in. They had a Robert Pollard album, FaCE, and I nearly bought the very interesting looking Von Sudenfed album (Mark E. Smith with Mouse on Mars!), all reasonably prized, and I expect there will be lots of goodies in there from now on to tempt me as I walk past. It seems to be open from early morning til 10 pm on weekdays and since it's literally on my way to work that could potentially be kinda dangerous for me, haha... so that's first impressions, check it out over the weekend maybe?

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