Thursday, November 23, 2006

Some Pere Ubu videos!

From the recent tour in Utrecht, the song is 'Caroleen' from their last album. Mad theremin playing. Even madder singing. It's short but sweet. Somehow the amazing energy in the room at the show I was at is hard to capture on video and there's shockingly little on da youtube. Nevermind...this one has decent sound at least...

The Modern Dance at the recent San Fran show. Apparently there was trouble at that show..i love the sudden graceful little hand movement midsong...though he looks a bit pissed off.

and a video from the 90s: "Sleepwalk" Hmmmm...


Ali said...

hey thomas

this one is definitely worth getting hold of - their cover of 'surf's up' - woow

btw, I'm putting on a sunday afternooner at the Albert, Brighton, Dec 3 - if you fancy a trip to the coast



thomas said...

thanks Ali! aaaagh, looks like this weeekend is already planned up. but we'll see, would be nice to see you down there soon!