Friday, September 22, 2006

Clovelly in Devon

Back in the summer from our West Country trip with my parents just after my birthday: on the way from Boscastle in Cornwall and Lynton in Exmoor we stopped for the day and walked along stunning dramatic coastline and extensive woods to Clovelly, a small, steep, very touristy, and I guess kitschy old town that's a bit like a museum, no cars, just one steep old street leading down to an old harbour, surrounded by serene coastal woods for miles. We arrived in the harbour from our walk and later walked that one street up very slowly, so we walked through the place just once, it was a total trip on that day, despite the tourists and all that, I guess having walked there made it more impressive when we got there ... sometimes it's best to be in between destinations, cos that was my favourite walk of that week ...

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