Wednesday, August 02, 2006

follow the teenagers

See my band Plus live!'Steamrise' and 'Teenager' from a gig last year at the first birthday party of the rampART, a squat/community centre in the East End. Most of the gig was a bit shambolic, I was drunk and a bit off (into the clouds), we couldn't soundcheck, just plugged in and played, but, whoaaa, i mentioned before that that song 'Teenager' needs to be 100 %, well here it is slightly more than that, it's my favourite recorded live version, it's how we first conceived it, a real headfxxx. It's the second track here, starts at about 3.37 min. Anyway, it's intense, the rest of the gig is mixed, a bit too screamy. John filmed it and put it up a while ago, though i would have probably chosen it slightly differently, anyway, looks like people have watched it (!) but they should watch this part, by far the best of the gig. Part 4 is great too, "Electric Germany/Silhouette". Maybe better avoid the rest :-)

Steamrise & Teenager
Electric Germany/Silhouette

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