Saturday, May 27, 2006

grizzly bear

are keeping a nice tour blog . i'm very tempted to see them tonight, hope it isn't sold out.

now playing is: grizzly bear _horn of plenty_ (which is a type of funghi - i found out through the Guardian's trippy "funghi" poster, which adorned our window as you approached our chalet at ATP, hehe) a lovely record, lofi psych, warm glitchy vibes, a convincing and engrossing urban folk feel. i picked it up in NYC in Dec 2004, it was my token random local purchase after reading a little recommendation note tacked next to it in Other Music. The guy behind the counter was very enthusiastic about all the polaroids of customers animals displayed on the wall by the cash desk, i said they should rename themselves 'Pet Sounds', hahaha...

bears, bears, bears keep swinging

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