Sunday, February 26, 2006

This boy is TOCOTRONIC

"Ja das ist jetzt der einzige Zweck
Alles um uns herum ist weg
Das wird jetzt alles mitgezerrt
Ein Scherz im Labyrinth der Unvernunft
Macht uns gesund
Du liegst neben mir und dann
Blicken wir uns an
Deine Augen sehen
Was meine Augen sehen
This boy is Tocotronic "

Ultra-literate German indie gods, toured with GBV in '95 on the GBV vs Tocotronic tour, self confessed Thomas Bernhard abusers, "Diskurs Rock", Hamburger Schule, (Hi) freaks, etc. I've known and liked some of their earlier material for a while but recently really got into it through their Best of , my main purchase on my recent German trip (And I'm always keen to bring something back from the homeland). While a lot of the earlier material came across like a German Pavement, accurate appraisals of the trappings of German youth culture and student life, delivered in a nagging, ironic voice, coated in noisy lo-fi guitar pop, definitely nodding towards leftfield US indie, their more recent material is clearer, more poetic, eccentric, they're still evolving and reinventing themselves, getting older, more authoritative. Delicious, weird, dark pop. I'm really fascinated by them right now.

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